What is the Waiting Time for a Payday? The Fastest in 15 Minutes

How fast will we be able to get your payday – within the next few minutes, within a few hours or maybe it will reach our account the next day?

I remember that when I applied for the first time for the first time, I treated all these advertising phrases saying that I obtained a loan within 15 minutes rather with a grain of salt. It reminded me of ads from banks that used similar slogans in the past – a loan in 15 minutes, a loan for the proof itself. However, when it came to credit, I had to wait for the loan for two days and, besides the proof, I had to provide a certificate of income from the workplace.


Waiting time for the money – the fastest in 15 minutes

The more I was surprised when I submitted my first application for a break. It turned out that the cash for which I applied, landed in my account exactly 14 minutes after I applied for a loan online. Of the four companies I chose, only one could do it in such a short time, and it was Hypocredit. I remember that all of the other companies in which I submitted the application, also transferred the cash on that day to my account. However, the waiting time for a loan was longer than one hour after even a few hours.

Here, however, I have to mark one thing right away. The fact that I managed to get a loan so quickly does not mean that everyone has to go. Sometimes problems may arise on the road, through which the waiting time for a loan may be extended, for example, by longer verification of the borrower’s data in the debtors’ registers or the Retro database. Also due to the loan company’s expectation of a verification fee, which is required for most payday loans. Well, unless you use the option that does not require transfer of the verification fee.

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How to speed up the waiting time for a payday and can we have an impact on it? It turns out that yes, because not only from the company itself depends on how quickly the cash will go to our bank account. The account itself we own and the type of verification transfer we send is also important. We can send a traditional transfer for PLN 0.01 or a fast transfer of Bluecash which will cost us PLN 1. In the latter case, however, we are sure that the payment will go to the recipient (in this case to the loan company) even within a dozen or so seconds. If the company that grants us a loan to make a transfer also uses a Bluecash transfer, the chances of getting a loan within a dozen or so dozens of minutes are very high.

Second point – personal account. A lot depends on him. As time shows, the most popular personal accounts work best for this. I will not, however, exchange specific banks in this place, and I will send you to the article which I have posted on the pages of a blog a while ago and related to personal accounts recommended by me to obtain a moment.

To sum up – an online loan or a payday loan can be even within a dozen or so minutes of applying for a loan. Depending on the company in which we submit the application and the type of transfer, this waiting time for a break can extend up to several hours. So if we want to get extra cash quickly, it’s best to apply for it in the morning and by noon.

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