The Good Way to an Optimal Mortgage Lending

If you think that you want to build a home at some point, then you can not start early enough to prepare for it. Not even the search for a suitable building plot, but the preparation for the future mortgage lending meant. Anyone who starts to build up equity there early on can save a lot of money on their future mortgage lending.

Who knows that he can not start construction before the end of seven years, for the home savings contract is definitely a good thing. Right now, the interest rates for mortgage lending on a fairly low level, which of course makes the Bauspar contract even more interesting, because it already today the conditions for the future home savings loan are fixed. Nobody can say exactly what interest rates will look like in seven years, but the likelihood of them falling below their current levels is extremely low.


Particularly profitable is the Bauspar contract as a way to good mortgage lending especially for the employees. They can conquer twice. On the one hand, they receive the building savings allowance as an additional return on the paid savings contributions and, on the other hand, they have the option of having the monthly installments for the building society savings contract listed as so-called “capital contributions”. For the employee this has the advantage of lower deductions from the gross wage and the employer benefits from cheaper non-wage labor costs. Therefore, there is hardly any entrepreneur in the Federal Republic of Germany who would like to avoid such a request from his employees.

Various insurance policies can also be used well in preparation for mortgage lending. For predestined is the residential Riester, in which one can still formulate considerable government allowances within the framework of programs for the promotion of private pensions. But capital-forming life insurance can also serve well. Here you also have several advantages, because you have to conclude for future mortgage lending no extra term life insurance, which would cause additional costs. Combined with a forward mortgage, in which the maturity of the loan amount coincides with the payment of life insurance, one can negotiate good conditions for its mortgage lending at the banks currently.