Serious Loans Even In Difficult Cases – Credit Without Credit Rating

Lending even in difficult cases – this line is becoming more and more prevalent about loan offers. Many loan applications will not be paid out. The reason for this can be very diverse, as well as the term difficult cases.


What are the so-called difficult cases?

What are the so-called difficult cases?

Probably the most common reason that banks reject a credit request can be seen in the information from the Schufa report. The Schufa company stores all data on the payment traffic of the German citizens. Defaults on obligations lead to a negative feature in the Schufa, which prohibits banks from paying out a loan. The risk can not be ruled out that the borrower does not meet the payment obligation under the loan agreement if he has not already managed to do so in the past for other obligations.

Even a low income is the reason for banks to reject a credit request. Credit institutions must make sure that their own income not only provides a livelihood, but also the future credit rate. A low income is reason not to pay the loan.

Every citizen is granted a credit line that can be used to raise loans as income. But if this line is already exhausted by other loan commitments, but there is still a need for additional funds, this can also become a problem. And that this case can happen more often than you like, this is very certain.
All these requirements are to be described as the difficult cases in which many borrowers have to expect a rejection of their request.

The possibility to still get a loan:

Non-Schufa credit often offers credit for difficult cases. If the rejection is due to the negative outcome of the Schufa statement or the credit line has been exhausted, the chances of obtaining a loan are quite high. However, this is often limited to the loan amount of € 3,500. A too low income, no permanent job, etc. These problems can not be solved by the schufafreie credit. Since the Schufa is not inquired, so no entry or other credits are recognized, the foreign banks that lend the loans, have a security from the income.